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Need for Speed The Run Full Version

Need for Speed The Run Full Version Download


Participate in an exciting and dangerous race with Need for Speed: The Run

Need for Speed The Run is a car race game created as a part of the Need for Speed saga developed by Electronic Arts.

This version of the videogame it is characterized by one main feature: The Run. In Need for Speed: The Run there is only a car race that goes from the west coast to the east one of the United States.

Dangerous and clandestine races complete this new version of the action game with new graphics and cars.

Take Jack Rourke to the adventure of a long dangerous race

The main character is a rebel guy who has trouble with justice, and this time he will have to participate in a huge race with no speed limit to survive from the mafia. Its debts will make him to run in this car race where over than 200 drivers are involved.

In Need for Speed: The Run you will have to go from San Francisco to New York and if you win, you will get a lot of money to pay off his debts. During the game, you will avoid the police and the mafia who will try to pursue you.

Need for Speed: The Run provides well-achieved graphics of important cities of USA along with the same gameplay of the saga. Besides, this version is the first of the series that introduces action outside of the car since you will have the opportunity of stealing a police car or running away from a helicopter.

With this game, Need for Speed saga counts with twelve versions of the story, the last one launched in 2012, Need for Speed Most Wanted, in which you will confront the police with new missions, arms and cars. Even you can try Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 which is quite similar than the others.

Need for Speed: The Run provides realistic graphics and live action

This racing game has come with new cars and a potent graphic engine that could be a good plot for an action film. Need for Speed fans will find interesting to immerse in a new argument outside San Francisco, with an exciting storyline.

Cars that Jack Rourke can use are from BMW 1M Coupe to Lamborghinis, a wide range of models available in the market right now and introduced with high detail.


Here you will be able to find some features of this racing game:

  • Great single player mode and addictive multiplayer
  • Variety of brands and car models
  • Good OST
  • Realistic graphics
  • Quick and easy gameplay
  • Great variety of unlockeable content
  • Add more cars and tracks through DLCs

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If you enjoy the rest of Need for Speed games, with Need for Speed: The Run you will be surprised running over 320 kilometers per hour with exciting chases and customized cars.


  • Good graphics
  • Excellent cars
  • Exciting storyline


  • It uses a lot of system resources



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